Doubtlessly London is a hub for delectable food and drooling desserts that are enough to make your day. You might be bored of eating the same cream pies and ice cream candies! Let’s amuse your taste buds with something new.

    Filipino is one of the most proffered food types that hold the capability of catering your taste buds. Filipino is an amalgamation of finest Asian and Spanish ingredients. Filipino food is not very common in London and you might feel daunting while looking for a restaurant that serves Filipino.

    Here is a fleet of some breathtaking Filipino restaurants that deserves a definite visit.

    Lutong Pinoy

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    The owners of this restaurant take the pride of sustaining the authenticity of Filipino food. The delectables prepared here have an essence of home-style cooked food that is loaded with tremendous love and succulent spices. The food options in menu have a massive diversity and one can order any Filipino dish. You can also take the buffet which portrays a feast of food in the best possible way.

    Josephine’s Filipino Restaurant

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    Josephine has been serving Londoners for more than decades and that’s the reason why this place comes at Page-1 when talking about Filipino food. Their sizzling menu is loaded with a myriad of chicken dishes that are extremely tender and mouth watering. Also don’t forget to try the milkfish soaked in peanut sauce.

    Cirilo Noodle Bar and Grill

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    How about a heavenly combination of Chinese and Filipino food? Well, this food place serves both Chinese and Filipino food. You can order the crispiest aromatic duck or you can go with the Hakka noodles. There are a plenty of dishes that can totally justify what a relaxing meal is.

    We hope that getting the Filipino food in London is now easier with our quick guide. You can also find escorts London Lucy in the capital which can give you a relaxed, romantic and a wild experience to spend your evenings in London.


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